Tokyo’s art & drinking experience – Theme: Valentine-Self Love

Tokyo’s art & drinking experience – Theme: Valentine-Self Love

One of my wonderful friends (Liz) sent me a link of a meeting painting adventure she had been to before.  Painting with Wine?  I don’t drink wine…but I thought why not give it a go and try something new.

The examples from our teacher Kathleen

I nearly missed it entirely as I thought I had no plans that day.  Lucky my friend messaged me a reminder.  With anxious nervousness I arrived at the station and meet several other attendees.  Then off we went to the cafe bar “Blue Jam”, which was only 5 mins from the station.  The main part of the location was a cafe/bar which was well lit.  Then there was a private room surrounded by glass where they had setup with 24 easels, canvases, paper plate palettes and brushes and a plastic sheet on the tables to protect them.   We paid our attendance fee, bought a drink from the bar (I choose hot apple lemonade), and Kathleen took us step by step into creating our unique masterpieces.

The setup, all prepared by Kathleen before we arrived

I was worried I wouldn’t be able to paint anything because the last time I had touched a canvas was in high school.  We had to paint on a giant canvas for an art assessment, and even though I passed…I REALLY didn’t like my painting.  The horror of high school art hehe.

But this canvas painting experience was amazing.  Kathleen took great care in making us all feel welcome.   She demonstrated the technique clearly, and made it so easy and fun.  At first when we applied the paint it didn’t look like anything, but once the other colours were added, things started to make sense.  Everyone was able to design their own art and towards the end we did an art gallery walk.  Everyone stood up and walked around to admire the creative works on the table.

Painting the background using a wet brush and dry brushing

What made it fun was that anyone without any painting experience could join in, and those that had lots of painting experience could be inspired and also participate.  Plus it was sooo relaxing, and even though we were chatting away and painting we were all zen’ing out.

My first painting in years

It was a blast.  Afterwards I couldn’t stop thinking about the event.  There was something fun and exciting.   I had to sign up again.   It’s not for everyone, but I can see myself attending more of these events throughout the year.   I’m glad this one is only once a month, otherwise I may need to sell my cat hehe.  I can’t wait for next month’s painting adventure.

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